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Sexuality, Gender, and Authority in 21st Century Cyberspace

Talk about a “hot” property. Sheesh. I guess I should be flattered, but flattery is the counterfeit currency of the narcissist. Not accepted at this venue.

<aside> ⚠️ Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. I’ve already shared some of the tactics that are needed to combat “New York” operators like Trump. I learned the tactics by having to defend from my own family. I’m willing to share plenty more, and we’ve barely started. So what next?



The year is 2022, and the place is America,

which has descended into a technocratic dystopia of oligarchy under rebellion. A rumbling deep in the ocean begins at one of the great secret Assets of America, at the exact time it begins to be legally acknowledged.

One hundred miles southeast of New York City, in the ocean, the reason why New York City became one of the greatest cities on Earth begins a show no human will see. The Ancient is Ascending, and the reasons why will change New York City, and the world, forever.


Map showing the Hudson Valley, terminating in the Hudson Canyon, off of the coast of the New York City metropolitan region. Source: USGS

The Ancient Angels are setting things up for their return. In order to do that, they use the resource they are the employees of: Time. Deep in the Hudson Canyon, the sperm whales can hear and feel the giant timewave that the ancients have set in motion.

Asleep in the NYC metro, 13 million asleep people’s dreams change, but most of them won’t remember in the morning.

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